Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Flowers Today

After waiting for the orchids to bloom in my last post, I decided I will just play with my brother Sweepy or stay near my father Sumo where he sleeps with an electric fan cooling him all day. But this week I heard this:

And I knew it must be the orchid.

The orchids are blooming!

My brother Sweepy heard it too:

My father Sumo heard it too:

But I am the only one who will keep watch since I love flowers and flowers love me back.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today's Flowers

This is another of our orchids. It is ready to come out!

I will watch and wait for the flowers to come out.
My brother Sweepy called me for play.
But I have to stay and keep watch.

There are so many plants to keep watch in our house Heaven. Most of our orchids are blooming and I am waiting for the flowers to come out so I can send them to the human companion of Asterix who wanted to feature them in TodaysFlowers.

My brother Sweepy will stay with me.
It is too hot for play and our human companion is not home.
But waiting with Sweepy will be worth the while . . .

Monday, March 8, 2010

Today's Flowers

I am busy watching two of our flower pots in our house Heaven:

The first pot I am guarding is our orchid which produces the red-violet flowers I featured recently. But this one is from another pot.

If you look closely, the shoot is the one that will produce a shower of beautiful orchids. It needs a lot of sunshine and water.

I have to call the attention of my human companion Lui to water it well. The orchids seem to like the extreme heat of 35 degrees we are having in our country now.

The second pot I am watching is our plant Hoya:

It looks exhausted from the heat and needs watering. I hope Lui will water it soon!

Because I am watching these plants I can not play with my brother Sweepy which is okay for me because I do not feel like playing in the heat anyway. Sweepy's rough playing makes me thirsty!

Sweepy loves to sniff the plants but they do not have scents. Not yet. The orchids will smell when the flowers come out. Sweepy gets very impatient.

But not me. I am very patient. My job is to guard our plants and I am a good plant watcher. Now, if I can learn how to water the plants that would make my job more interesting but it will also be tiring.

But guess who is helping me watch our plants?

My brother Sweepy who is our SuperDog! Sweepy thinks that if I will not play with him, he might as well join me. Sweepy is a real SuperDog!

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