Sunday, January 31, 2010

Today's Flowers

This Bongainvilla flower fell from our neighbor's house to our house Heaven.

I don't know what to do with it. It looks very beautiful but my human companion Lui told me not to touch flowers. So, I asked my little brother Sweepy but he does not know what to do with it as well.

Sweepy said we just have to watch over it until Lui comes home.

So when Lui got home, Lui patted us for a great job of watching the flowers. In Lui's hands, even dead flowers have good use. She sometimes make potpourri of flower petals. Lui said this flower is still perfect for decoration.

Lui just placed them in a glass jar beside her candle holder.
Or even on top of the candle holder!

It looks beautiful either way. But that means I have to watch over it. I have to watch over it because it gets windy during the day and since this flower is too light, the wind can easily blow it away . . .

. . . right smack to where I am taking my nap! So that means I have to watch over it again until Lui gets back!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Today's Flowers!

This is our Birds of Paradise flower blooming. It has survived the damages brought by the major repairs we had in our house Heaven last month. My human companions had the roof and the ceilings repaired and all sorts of things fell on our plants. The chemicals used on the roof hit our plants and left marks on the leaves and bore holes in most of the plants:

This made my human companion Lui cried and she tried to heal the plants all month. But the plants have a surprise. When Lui was carefully cleaning the plants, she saw the blooming flowers underneath!

Like a wonderful miracle! A great surprise on my birthday.

And last week, when I sniffed closer to it, I saw another flower blooming below it:

That means we will have a never-ending blooms from this plant all month!

And that made me and Lui very happy after all the sad news we got all week.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Today's Flowers!

These flowers greeted me on my birthday.
These small flowers came from this plant:

I did not know that this plant can bear flowers. I saw this same flower but it did not come from this plant. It came from another plant in our house Heaven. Maybe, my human companion Luchie tried to mix-match our plants.

But this plant surprised me with a dainty flower on my birthday who sang a song for me!

It was the song of new beginnings. New moon. New Month. New year. But the same playful brother of mine Sweepy . . . who is always waiting for new plays!

More flowers greeted me as I passed . . .

And that made me very happy.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

My 9th Birthday!

Today, my father Sumo and I are jointly celebrating our birthdays! Popsy Sumo turned 10 years (that's about 70 in human years) and I turned 9 (63 in human years). In our house Heaven, animals have longer lifespan. My Mumsy Pica was 17 when she died.

Popsy had his cake first because I was sleeping all day. It was quite cold in our place so when my little brother Sweepy woke me up, we missed the cake!

I missed a lot too. I was feeling lazy all month and with the cold windy weather, I prefer to take longer naps and shorter plays which our human friend Lui said might not be good for me. Lui said I should have more time for longer walks and play. Lui also said she made a cake for all of us! When she presented it to me I was so happy.

I may not look it but I am very happy. I simply have a bland expression. It's a good thing Lui knows how I feel even if my face does not show it. When Lui gave me my cake, my brother Sweepy ate with me:

Lui made Sweepy his own cake but he prefers to eat mine! So Lui gave me another . . .

. . . which I enjoyed chewing on the floor! Since it is my birthday, I can make a mess!

Sweepy, meanwhile finished everything on the plate!

So when I finished mine and went to check on him . . .

. . . my cake plate is empty!

And Sweepy is back sitting and waiting again!