Thursday, October 30, 2008

Howling Hounds!

It's trick or treat time!
Keeper said we can bring our basket and get treats from people today! But my brother Sweepy is grumbling all day. You see, we have to wear some funny costume just like in a real game and Sweepy hates the new one made by Keeper. Sweepy hates to wear the black Horned God thing when I took the red Shaman hat. You see, I have to wear something red since I am all black and people will not see me if I wear the black horn and I won't get any treats!

Keeper made the horn from recycled hairband. Keeper sew the horn herself with soft padding so it will not hurt us. You see, Keeper is not exactly good in sewing but she did it for us and now Sweepy is complaining all day . . . and we can not go out if he continue howling like this!

I am really looking forward to getting more squash and pumpkin

so Keeper can boil them, mash them and mix them with warm chicken broth!

The thought is making me real hungry.

Keeper eyed the growling Sweepy and promised to serve me my favorite squash soup even if we did not go out for trick or treat! Now, that's a real treat!

Have a happy one, furries!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My World Tuesday!

What is a typical Tuesday in the life of a dog?

Play, of course!

But you see, this fur bone is not really mine.
It belongs to my brother Sweepy
who is not really into sharing . . .


Sweepy got it.
As soon as Sweepy hears that something is going on
Sweepy swoops down to snoop
and Sweepy makes sure he is a Big Part of it.

To keep the peace
Keeper would give me another toy

but Sweepy will also grab it for himself!

There are names for beings like him.
Politicians . . .

In Pinoy-speak, they call it KSP
which stands for "kulang sa pansin"
or someone demanding attention all the time . . .

In my no-nonsense dog-world, however,
Sweepy will remain my "playful" brother
and I, his ever-patient playmate . . .

if all beings
look to each other
as their brother
there will be no wars . . .

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Sky Watch 15

The other houndsinheaven are now sharing what we see in the skies every friday. I read Sweepy's drooly watch and Sumo's profound view. But I do not have the same perception.

Maybe it is not really the skies. It is the one looking and creating his impression of what he sees which makes it different for all of us.

For me, the skies looks full and fat. I see big, round, happy clouds that appear to be dancing happily. They remind me of marshmallows and puffy treats, cool yogurt drinks and playful snuggle with Lui, my human companion.

Maybe I see food in the skies because I love to eat and I am a big dog.
And since food makes me happy, my clouds look happy too!

When I watch the sky, I snuggle with Lui
as she sings my favorite "Happy Talk" song
from the South Pacific broadway play . . .

and like the clouds in my skywatch
I feel happy too . . .

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My World Tuesday!

I am revisiting the past together with the other houndsinheaven. This must be brought on by last week's cramming for an activity organized by a boxer named Chef who is presently hosting Autobiographies for dogs.

I was born in a house called Heaven on January 15, 2001 to a one-year old male black dog Sumo and a 9-year old female brown dog Pica. Both are mongrel dogs. Both were given as gifts to Lui who we fondly call Our Keeper. I only have happy memories of growing up except the time when the puppies were given to other people as gifts. That episode broke my heart. But I am a no-nonsense dog and although I may not look it ( I happen to have a face that almost always look bored!) . . . I am really a happy, cool dog.

Anyway, here are stories and pictures from my puppy world:

I was part of the first litter of Sumo and Pica. Beside me is my brother Fudge who later died. Keeper decided to hold on to me even if she can not afford to maintain more than two dogs in Heaven! Keeper is actually My Girlfriend.

When I was a puppy I love splashing water all around Heaven. Keeper would put several water bowls around because when I see one, I would immediately dip my paws and splash the water around!

When I got sick as a puppy (at 5 months old) one of those who puppy-sit me was our ageing cat named Gold. Gold stayed with me and followed me around, snuggling to keep me warm until I got well. Gold has long left us but I still enjoy hearing that story.

This may well be one of the last few months where the houndsinheaven were together. Sometime in 2004 the two black hounds (Sumo and I) fought over Pica and from then on we were never brought to play together unless the ugly war episode is repeated. My mother Pica also was put to sleep just last March 2008 at the age of 17! Now I still play with my brother Sweepy and I still buzz Sumo in his house from time to time.

There are other great, interesting stories this Tuesday.
Go and read them by clicking the image below:

Woofy News!

First things first: the Black HoundsInHeaven are now officially listed individually with the DogsWithBlogs community! That includes me and my father Sumo. We used to be included in the DWB community through my younger brother Sweepy. But now that we have our own site, we can now post our own stories . . . as We see It. . . and not as the other brown dog sees it. Ho-hum.

Second, since my father Sumo's blog is getting some foreign readers, my English translations of his Pilipino barkings are now POSTED together with the original post. Saves time for anyone moving from one blog to the other. Third, I can now bark about my world!

Since I have no particular gripes to bark about, plus I am quite lazy, I will instead share my Green world. You see, I may be black but I love anything and everything Green!

Also, I can now post my own skywatch, wordless, and clueless dogservation about my doggone life . . . Some exciting changes will soon be here!

Have a green day!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Translating Sumo's Post: October 15
"Wordless Wednesday . . . daw"

That's the name of a group here in the Net.
They include my OA (over-acting) pup Sweepy
and possibly also my other pup Bogart.
The group meets every Wednesday
(this was yesterday in the Philippines
since we are ahead by a day)
and they post only pictures for today
since this is supposedly a wordless day.

But if you take a peep at the group's postings
there are so many WORDS
and everybody is saying too many things!

But if you're gonna ask me . . .
this is the real wordless for you . . .

(please check site for photograph)

. . . may you get hit by lightning
er, by a shocking realization
of a truly wordless . . . day.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anak Ka Ng Linta!

Sumo's October 13, 2008 Post
The title is an expression:
Anak (child) ka ng (of) Linta (leech)

Geez, I think I can sense Mr. Leach, the leech who often visits us. He moves so slow it takes forever for him to reach his destination. I don't know why Mr. Leach often goes to our house when he knows that Lui gets irritated every time he visits. Lui was on the point of getting on her knees to beg him not to visit us.


First, it is dangerous for him to get close to us lest he sucks our blood. MercifulHeaven! And to think, he loves to buzz everyone with a kiss! MercifulSaints!

Second, it is dangerous for him in case we step on him since he is too small and wanders slowly all around. We often step on his type. And Lui would cry everytime she gets to sweep dead, flattened victims of our heavy, running paws. If we can kill Lui's toenails when we accidentally step on her feet, what more leeches like Mr. Leach?

Third, he moves soooo late and slow that he often forgets the reason for his visits. Like now. Look at him. Trying to hide when I already spotted him. Besides, Lui already told us he will visit us. But that was last August yet! It's already October! See? I am sure Mr. Leach forgot that he was to congratulate us for winning in the Pawlimpics. Oh, merciful Moon! Spare thy forgetful leech!

Look! Mr. Leach went hiding in our lizard Troy's hole. I hope he will not have the bad luck of meeting those pack of snappy red ants who will in turn suck his blood!

Oh, Mr. Leach! The moon is waxing to full. People are grouchy. But me, I understand you totally even if you always misunderstood me. I thank you for visiting me even if we were not able to meet. After all, I am the real reason you went all the way here since I was the Winner of the Pawlimpics here!

Hope to see you again . . .

Friday, October 10, 2008

Reading Images of the Present

This is my younger brother Sweepy.

He is the
to help people
learn and understand
how to care for animals
and the laws
that protect us
from abuses
and cruelty.

If you see
this poster
around you
please take
the time
to read
and understand
what it is saying.

It is
not easy
for animals
like us
to live in a world
run by people.

At the end of the day
animals like Sweepy
and the houndsinheaven
can get tired
get lost,
get sick,
or even die . . .
if people will not care

Stop Animal Abuse
and be a Responsible Animal Owner.

Learn to Care
for your pet animals
and your environment.

I rarely bark
but this time
I join my family
in this urgent time.

Woofy, Cruel People!
Your Time Is Up!

The Month of Art, Books, and Memories. . .

. . . that's the month of October.
When was the last time
you went to a museum?
Or to the silid aklatan
which you better know as a library?
Memories of the past.
Stories wrapped in memories.
Shaped from mud.
Written in pencil.

My friend Claire
loves to paint toys
that tells the story
of her memories.

Her last exhibit (August) at Tin-aw Gallery
"louder symphony, homage to crashing"
are happy images of superheroes
playing in the human world.

I sometimes wonder
who is really playing and happy?
Was it the toy or the child?
The one playing or the object of play?
'Cause everytime I play
my play ball seems to be the one
enjoying and bouncing in joy.
While I am tired catching my breath
from running after it!

You can read many stories
in some works of art
which you will find
in a museum or art gallery.
Or in the pages of a book.
Or in the memories left by loved ones
who has freely left your life.

it is just right
to visit them again.

from Sumo's October 9 post:
Ang Buwan ng Sining, Aklat at Alaala . . .