Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today's Flowers

My flowers today came from this plant which arrived in our house Heaven last January. All new things with strange smells are welcomed with our scent . . .

After two weeks, I saw this . . .

Of course, I immediately barked at my human companion Lui to inform her that the new plant is finally at home in Heaven and is singing right away! Plants sing when their flower buds come out. Their music sounds exactly like the classical music of Vivaldi which Lui would play when she is painting or writing a story.

My other human companion Luchi said the plant's name is Calachuchi. It sounds exactly like Luchi's name! I keep watch over this plant all day!

My brother Sweepy keeps watch over it at well . . . .

Sweepy wanted to be the first to bark to Lui that more buds were coming out! Lui was so excited and counted four buds!

Now, when the flower buds come out, Lui will move the plant to where the morning sun greets all the other plants. Lui said the Sun will help the plant grow and flower well.

When this happens, I keep watch over the plants until the sun moves to the other part of the house.

. . . and the plant will get cooled before it gets watered by Lui late afternoon to early evening when she is done with her other work. By evening, it is the water's turn to make the plants healthy.

After four days, one of the flower buds slowly opened and sang to me!

It sang like a whisper at first . . . .

. . . and rises to a loud blaring of its petals!

. . . singing beautifully alone before it is joined by another bud opening and singing for a duet!

. . . and soon, it will be three flowers singing . . .

. . . and greeting Lui on her birthday today!

More flowers are singing at TodaysFlowers and I hope they are singing for Lui as well!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today's Flowers

My flowers today came out two weeks ago.

It was our orchid plant and it sang to me!

I thought it was perfect because Valentines Day was coming and it would be my gift to my human companion Lui. So every day, I would watch over it with my brother Sweepy. . .

And on Valentine's Day came, the flowers opened!

It was so beautiful!

But I got sick . . .

It must be the heat because I was not in the mood to do anything but sleep. Lui got worried but she was busy and did not have time to watch over me and the flowers. So instead, my brother Sweepy was the one who kept watch over me and our flowers.

Sweepy is a good watcher. Sweepy knows that he can only sniff and not play with the flowers.

But you know, flowers are good watchers too!

The flowers kept watch over me while I slept. They sang me lullabies and kept me company while I try to get well.

Now you know why this dog loves flowers.
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Today's Flowers

. . . are the petals of flowers received by my human companion Lui which she will store and made into potpourri. Look at the dried and preserved bougainvillae flowers I posted last time . . .

And these are the petals of the roses which will be dried and recycled . . .

I have to keep watch so that the birds and my playful brother Sweepy will not touch it.

After a few months, these flowers can now be used. Lui said the dried flowers gives a nice scent when it is dried properly and preserved. I do not really like nice scents. Animals prefer natural scents like sweat and my brother Sweepy's drool, the scent of our warm furs when we are relaxed or sleeping, and the friendly scent of my human companions and the delicious scent of the meal that Lui prepares for us.

Lui will light a candle beside a glass filled with some dried flowers.

Lui said this arrangement gives the right mood when she is working doing sample plates for her painting workshop:

I think the dried flowers, the warm light of the candle, Lui's singing, and her beautiful painting puts me in the right mood as well . . . For more inspiring flower arrangements, go visit TodaysFlowers!