Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today's Flowers

Our orchids are blooming again.
When one fades and all the petals fall, a new one comes along.
The new one started shooting out a week ago.

Our orchids compete with all the wild flowers blooming, fading, and blooming again, even with the erratic weather.

I do not keep watch over it because these flowers are sturdy and they do not really require protection from anything. Not even when a stray cat passes over and steps on its leaves, our hanging plants refuses to budge. They bloom well!

My job really is to bark out loud to my human companion Lui to tell her that we have another flower blooming. Lui love flowers a lot.

Today the orchid's petals are all open.

I am not sure if they sing because I am busy.
We are busy compiling our holiday cards to give to all our human and animal friends. I asked Lui if we can give flowers but she said it might be difficult to mail flowers abroad. It is easier to make our own cards with our pictures on it . . .

Sometimes, we wear Santa hats.
My brother Sweepy is the one who helps design our card.
Sweepy decides the paper, the color and makes a story too.
It takes Lui several days to take our pictures.

And when it is done it takes a few more days to make them into cards and mail them around the world. We get almost a hundred cards every year. The postman knows us very well. After all, we are probably the only dogs in the neighborhood who receives cards in the mail. Maybe, we should give our Postman these orchids for doing a good job . . .

After all, another orchid is shooting out again!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Today's Flowers!

My flowers today are called Hoya! We used to call them Adi but now we call them Hoya after our friends at TodaysFlowers told us. I featured them before but I am featuring them again because they kept blooming. And also because there are two of them! Look:

So alike yet so different.
I wonder if they are the same plant?
They are quite noisy and they seem to call me a lot!

And when I get there, they sing too loud.
My brother Sweepy said that maybe they are laughing at me!

I don't think they are laughing.
I think they are gorgeous and they don't need to be watched.
They are hung a bit high for any of us to accidentally step on them.

The Hoya start like a long crooked old stem:

In two days, the yellow tip starts sprouting small round closed petals that is as small as my human companion Lui's hand:

In three days, the closed petals start growing and can almost fill up Lui's hand!

And look at the other one grow in two days:

They have no smell.
They are so beautiful and they last almost for a month!
When the petals fall, another one will grow in the same stem.
So we get to enjoy them a lot!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's Flowers

My flowers today belong to our neighbor Dawgy who lives across our house Heaven. My human companion Lui may be myopic but she can see flowers from a distance. This flower is as small as beads and can hardly be seen from our house but Lui saw it right away!

I do not know the name of this flower and neither does our dog friend Dawgy who lives in that house. I don't think Dawgy cares about plants. Anyway, Lui said the flower appear as buds like these:

. . . and when it opens, it reveals small red petals! And in case my friend Asterix is visiting, yes Asterix, this flower sings. Voff!

. . . and the flowers have little buds in the middle
which I am not sure if it can be eaten
but Lui always remind us not to eat flowers!

It sure looks good though when the flower is blooming and the buds appear like these:

Lui saw these flowers because the streets were empty and quiet yesterday afternoon when the Filipino boxer Pacquiao was having a boxing match with a Puerto Rican named Cotto. It was always like these every time there is a Pacquiao match. And the unusual silence always make Lui uncomfortable that she surveyed the neighborhood and that was when she saw the flowers. And while all these were going on, my brother Sweepy tried wrestling with me but the weather was too humid for playing . . .

And my father Sumo is sleeping all day with the fan turned on full time:

And I was left alone to watch our house Heaven and RainbowAve and all the flowers singing on a sunny day. At the end of my task, I got a drooly kiss from Lui and a cup of yogurt!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Today's Flowers

. . . are the flowers found in our neighbor's malunggay (horse radish?) tree!

This is our neighbor's malungay tree:

This tree bends from our neighbor's back yard to our house! And this weekend the tree is flowering. Look!

My human companion Lui gets happy when she sees the plants flowering because it means the tree is going to bear fruit or have more new leaves. Lui loves malungay. She said it is a natural healthy food but she is afraid to give us some until she knows it can be good for us. Does anybody know if malungay is OK for dogs?

Here is Lui's edited version of the first photograph:

. . . and here's another:

These two photographs were edited by Lui to look like cartoons. They look like Lui's drawings. But in truth, I do not really like the smell of malungay. I hope Lui will not feed it to us.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Today's Flowers

My flower today is Hoya. My human friends at TodaysFlowers told me the real name of this flower. We used to call Hoya by another name, Adi, taken from the name of our human friend from India. Now, our Adi flower has two names!

Today I am showing Hoya/Adi in a different phase.

Slowly letting go of its small petals . . .

Falling like small shooting stars . . .

. . . down to the ground of our house Heaven.

Hoya needs to shed its petals so it can begin anew. To prepare its stem again and possibly to sprout another Hoya in its place. Hoya is a non-stop miracle in our house Heaven. And just like the passing of typhoon Santi (international code name Mirinae) in our house this weekend, we woke up to face another day. Another day that smell and feel like new. Something happened after the typhoon. And whatever it is, we really like it!

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