Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dog Pajamas by my Keeper Lui!

This is Keeper's attempt to sew pajamas for us to snuggle during the colder December month. Yeah, it has a hood and the one she made for my brother Sweepy has sleeves! It looks okay but Sweepy looks awkward and it fell short of covering Sweepy's body.

Keeper Lui is not good in sewing but she wanted to make stuff for us by recycling whatever is available around her. Well, she tried . . .

Mine is just a wrap-around. Keeper realized she failed in putting together the pieces in Sweepy's pajamas so Keeper just let it loose in my case so it won't be difficult to wear it. . . It is pretty stuffy for my taste but I wore it to make her happy. To be honest, I don't really need it because I have thick furs and I love cold weather. Besides, I have cool scarves, hats and gloves. That would keep me warm.

My brother Sweepy is happy though. Sweepy loves to show off his stuff. He likes it when people gather around him and admire his cutey stuff. Keeper's pajamas are indeed cutey stuff and Sweepy loves to snuggle in it. Cold weather or not. In the end, when Keeper is not looking, we just played around with our pajamas.

And this week Sweepy gave Keeper a big scare. Keeper found Sweepy looking like this.

Sweepy's eyes are all bright and his body stood rigid, as if frozen in space, and unmoving. Keeper cried out and rushed to him. I went to check my little brother and knew he's okay. Turns out, Sweepy stepped on somebody's poo (not mine) and the poo got stuck in his paws, which is the reason he looks like that. Keeper laughed in relief and carried the stiff guy to wash his paws. It was the Major Chit-Chat all week. Keeper kept laughing about it even when she's alone. Sweepy is not laughing at all.

And this is Simba:

Simba is one of the K9 dogs assigned to watch the Glorietta malls during the holidays. Keeper was rushing through the stores and when she saw Simba, her world stopped. Keeper rushed to Simba and asked Simba's handler if she can photograph him. And then, Keeper did the unthinkable. She asked Simba's handler if she can pat Simba and the handler could not resist Keeper's charming smile. A Big Mistake. For as soon as Keeper touched Simba, Simba went on play mode, kissing Keeper, lying down to allow Keeper to rub his belly and practically breaking the rules of an alert and watchful K9 dog. Keeper and Simba made a spectacle at the mall for an hour! Keeper told me Simba reminded her of me. I do look like Simba.

Keeper apologized to the handler and the mall guards but nobody scolded her. Everybody who saw Keeper and Simba playing were also enjoying the warm scene.

Keeper left Simba with tears in her eyes. Simba left Keeper with drools over her silly face. Of course we knew about it when Keeper got home and we sniffed Simba's scent all over her. Keeper's smell was of strange drools and mushy love . . .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Rush!

It's been a busy week.
If my brother Sweepy donned our Santa hat
I have to wear several of our cool gloves.

This one is Sweepy's favorite.
It has a Santa sewn on it and Sweepy is a big Santa fan.
Sweepy thinks he is a Santa dog
because he likes to spread cheer all around.

Now this one is my favorite.
It belongs to Lui.
She loves to wear it and hangs it in her room
so she can wear it anytime of the day!
Lui said it makes her happy looking at the funny design
because they remind her so much of me.
I love to wear it because they keep my paws warm
plus I get to smell Lui in it.

We got busy preparing our gift for Joylin last week.

We have to be creative because Joylin is special.
Joylin can not have candies and food that most of the kids want because she is now following a healthy diet to help her condition (Joylin has cerebral palsy and get seizures) plus the fact that her family is poor. Joylin's mother Rodita can not work because she has to take care of Joylin. So Rodita would often bring Joylin with her to beg at the MRT Station. Lui's friends are helping Joylin and her family with some of the stuff they need. And we're helping too!

This is my gift for Joylin.
I know this toy does not resemble me
and Sweepy is laughing at me again
but I am huggable and loving
and I want Joylin to know
that dogs like me are like that.

Look at Sweepy.
He looks like one of the toys himself!
Animals like us are not just great for kids
but for all people who wanted loving companions.

And yes, Aki I do sing.
Sweepy hates it but I do duets with Keeper.
I have a video to prove it but Keeper will not show it.
Keeper is afraid people might rush to our house Heaven
and except for Sweepy, we are pretty private beings.
But don't worry Aki.
Someday I will send you a copy of my video.
I will also visit you when your Manangs are away
so you will not feel alone. . .

Friday, December 12, 2008

Treats In The Mail!!!!

I sniffed the cards before anybody can touch it.
I am the Official Nose in Heaven.
As they say, "The Nose Knows"
And my Nose told me that whatever is inside these things are safe.

So my brother Sweepy went to work immediately
and found the treats inside one of our cards!

Thank you Addie and Zoe! I believe we got the treats as part of our Consolation Prize in the recent raffle over at Addie's place. These treats are rawhide dog munchies fashioned as yummy candy cane treats.

Treats are important part of your dog's diet. They keep boredom away and provide excellent ways of exercising our jaws and teeth and as added bonus, they clean our teeth as well.

Sweepy loves munching on these treats.
He can smell them a mile away!
When Sweepy sees a dog munching on a treat
he howls to get Keeper Lui's attention
so he can get his treat also.
Sweepy is like most spoiled kids.

I love treats like these too.
Although I prefer running around
and playing rough with Lui.

Right now, we are busy sending our pawsome Thank-You's to all our pawsome friends. We have not stopped sending our greetings though, since it takes so long for us to send to everyone. But Lui hopes to do it before the Christmas week which is when it will get pretty busy with all the reunions and parties.

And also in between playing and singing with me, that is . . .

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Had A Bum Stomach!

I was moping and missing Keeper Lui in our house Heaven which gave me an upset stomach. Lui was so worried because I threw up and made a mess around Heaven. To make up for it, Lui went walking around Heaven with me wearing my new collar.

We played rough games too! And Lui healed my bum tummy with her warm, loving massage.

Thank you Aki and Manang for volunteering to walk with me. I don't really walk with anybody except Lui and Luchie. I also do not like walking out of Heaven because the smell outside rattles my senses and I get nervous and confused. And this is not good news when you are walking a heavy dog which I am.

Lui told me I should not mope when she is not home. Lui said I should play with Sweepy or catch up on sleep so I will not have a bum tummy. But Sweepy is laughing at my new collar which is pretty boring. Sweepy would follow me around and lick my fur every hour as if his life is dependent on it! Sweepy would also guard me non-stop which is making me dizzy!

So, OK, I played with Sweepy and watched the Rainbow Avenue scene:

Scene 1: Sumo met Cacai.
Sumo thought Cacai was Lorenza visiting us from Mexico. So Sumo barked like crazy. Cacai is quite smitten with Sumo but my Popsy Sumo's heart will always be for my Mumsy Pica. Mine is with Lui. Lui will be home soon and play with me . . .

Scene 2: Barking at the Carabao vendor.

This carabao is Lui's favorite. Lui enjoys shopping in this mobile store which sells local weaves, baskets and mats. Lui also enjoy feeding the carabao. But since we don't have grass, Lui would bring him fresh water in a bowl which the carabao enjoy so much. But Lui is not home. Maybe on the carabao's next visit, Lui will be home to feed him and pat his head . . .

. . . including mine . . .