Friday, November 28, 2008

An Early Christmas Gift!

I received a surprise gift this week.

It is a blue collar with a matching blue leash.

My brother Sweepy says it looks cool on me.

Sweepy is both happy and grumpy.
Happy, because he got a new mobile phone
as a gift from Keeper Luchie . . .
but Sweepy turned grumpy
when Keeper Lui got his new phone!

Well, I would not mind if Keeper Lui
will get my new collar and leash.

I only wish that Keeper Lui
will find more time to be with me
and play with me and possibly,
to wear this collar and leash
and go someplace with her . . .

. . . but without her
what good is this cool collar?

. . . is there anybody out there
who wants to walk with me
so I can wear my new collar?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Today's Flowers!

This is Aditi.
I really don't know the real name of this flower.
Aditi was the name given to this flower by my brother Sweepy because this flower reminds Sweepy of our bubbly friend in India who is the human companion of our doggy friend Rufus.

Aditi grows all year-round . . .

. . . and loves the sun so much . . .
but even if it rains, Aditi continues to grow beautifully.

Aditi does not have a scent although the ants love to trail around her leaves so I guess Aditi must be very sweet. Aditi, our human friend, is very sweet too. Hello to both Aditis!

I am sure there are other sweeter and bubbly flowers here:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's Flowers!

This is Camia . . .

. . . she comes out like a shy maiden . . .

. . . and spreads herself to the sun
the same way I sunbath every morning.

By mid-morning her flowers would burst out
and proudly display their satiny petals . . .

Her scent is haunting
and her beauty is eternal . . .

She hates the harsh afternoon sun
and thrive well under the morning sun
so she must be planted in the east side
and be shaded after noon
until night time.

But the next day,
Camia is gone!
Her rare beauty can only be captured
in a short fleeting moment.
Like some loving, caring people
who takes time in their busy lives
to stop, greet and talk to an animal
before hurrying on their way . . .

I am glad to join Today's Flowers
even if I am late for their Sunday meet
simply because I am a dog
that loves flowers so much . . .

Today's Flowers is community of flower lovers
so if you love flowers check it out here:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My SkyWatch Saturday Too!

We forgot about our SkyWatch yesterday that is why we are posting today. This week is so hectic which is why we missed out on our usual schedule. But the houndsinheaven are posting their SkyWatch Friday today so I am posting mine too . . .

Keeper said there is a raging storm down south. She has been praying that it will not reach us because it was both sunny and rainy today. The dark clouds plus the cool air made me sleepy. The pitter-patter of rain is like a hypnotic spell that makes me want to just curl up in my bed all day.

I love watching the wet floors and feel the wet mist caressing my face. If Keeper should find me doing this she will get angry. But she is busy working so I can enjoy doing it now.

By afternoon, the sun came out and swept all the rain clouds. I rushed to check the mushrooms that will surely sprout in the woods. . .

They smell and look nice. But Keeper said we can not eat them. Too bad they really looked tempting to eat!

. . . and they come out after the rain and make such a lovely picture!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's the start of the New Year!

The time has come! During the new moon of Samhain or Halloween is the start of the new year. I can't understand but it is different from the human world . . .

. . . and since we live according to the human schedule, we have to wait for them to have the new year which is in two months time, after Christmas. I have to wait after December to have this calendar changed. I am in this calendar together with my family.

New year means new growth in our house Heaven . . .

I love seeing and smelling the new leaves sprouting all over . . .

. . . shiny, fresh and they sing so well . . .

. . . and our avocado tree Yvon who threw one of her fruits beneath her feet has suddenly sprouted new leaves!!!!

. . . another beautiful Yvon in the making!
It's just too bad, we can not eat avocados.
But it is the favorite of Keeper Lui.
So I am excited for her.
And she is excited to see new growth
to welcome the new year . . .

Happy New Year, faeries!