Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today's Flowers

The Birds-of-Paradise Story!

I sensed this bud last May 18, 2009.
It came out like a screeching cat on a hot day.
I looked up and saw and heard the flower coming out!

I barked at my human companion Lui and we watched the bud in excitement.

Lui gets really excited every time she witness the blooming of a flower in our house named Heaven. Lui used to live in the city where flowers were delivered at her doorstep wrapped in something fancy. But now that she is living outside of the city and having a small garden and three dogs who taught her not only to smell the flowers but hear them sing as well, Lui's adventures with flowers are now exciting moments . . .

So everyday, the bud calls and sings to us . . .

Everyday, when the flower continue to bloom, we run and bark at Lui. And Lui would follow us and together, we would watch the bud opening . . .

. . . like an orchestrated fireworks . . . but without the scary noise.

. . . and while the weather goes sunny and rainy . . .
on the last week of summer in our country
this beautiful flower continue to bloom . . .

. . . as if defying the freaky weather
and our restless drooling . . .

. . . and the flower continue to open . . .

. . . to reveal its magical petals . . .
while its shrill singing is now melodious
and call to the numerous birds
flying in confusing circle around us . . .

Some people say this flower is called Birds of Paradise. But we have another flower named Birds of Paradise and it does not look like this one. And we prefer to call our other Birds of Paradise "Lacylulu" after our late doggy friend in the USA who died in the same month as our mother Pica.

Maybe this flower is indeed the Paradise of the birds.
After all, the birds love to fly around it.
And it is just as fitting because our small garden
. . . is our own paradise as well.

. . . as we watch this beautiful flower
become a beautiful part of our own paradise!

I love flowers!
And there are more flowers below.
Just click on the image and sniff them out!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today's Flowers!

This beautiful flower is owned by Baby E.

Baby says it is called Bromeliad.
But I am not sure.
I do not really know flower names.
In our house Heaven, we name flowers like people. . .

Baby got this flower from her hometown in Bacolod and re-planted it in her Alabang house where flowers bloom all year round!

We got some of it from Baby as a gift. My human companions immediately re-planted it in the small garden in our house Heaven. Hopefully, we can have our own Bromeliads blooming and singing with all our other flowers! And when that happens, I will surely share it with you!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost Kitten!

This kitten was found roaming around the cafe of a gas station.

Kitten is probably lost and looking for his Mommy.
Kitten is hungry.
But today, Kitten is lucky.

Kitten looked in the eye of my keeper Lui . . .

And without batting an eyelash, Lui rushed to the convenience store and asked permission from the shop's staff if she can feed the kitten. The staff nodded in surprise and confusion. Sensing approval, Lui bought a sandwich and milk from their store then rushed out and tried to find the kitten.

A group of young people doing OJT (on-the-job-training) at the gas station were asked by Lui if they can feed the kitten with the sandwich and milk that Lui bought from their store. The kids immediately said yes.

Lui was late and had to rush somewhere.
Lui was glad that Kitten was fed that day.
On some days, Kitten will be fed by other kind beings.

On better days, the village nearby will find kitten, give him a shot, adopt him . . .
And Kitten will be lucky again.

But today, these people are lucky . . .

. . . for in helping feed kitten . . . they helped animals like us feel the love we crave so much and hopefully inspire them to be better and caring workers.

Lui wants to thank the staff of Petron Dasmarinas Station, Makati.
Petron OJT's staff last May 9 were simply awesome!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Today's Flowers

This is the Story of Lilli in Heaven!

This is one of my favorite flowers in our house Heaven. It does not choose any specific month or time to bloom. It blooms anytime of the year! Like a wonderful movie its entrance is quite dramatic. Small, wet buds shoots out from its roots as early as April!

Look! it is so small at first and is the pot just on top of our orchids which I shared in my previous post.

When I smell the minty smell, I knew it is around. Some people call it Tiger Lily. I look at it but I see no resemblance to a tiger nor a lily so I am not sure. . .

I pass by this flower everyday to watch its spectacular entry into our house Heaven.

. . . and everyday brings a surprise!

. . . everyday, it starts to grow longer . . .

. . . and longer . . . and lower . . .

. . . until the small wet bud starts to open and spread its petal to reveal its flower!

It can get so long that it drops way down pass the orchids . . .

. . . so low I can smell and almost kiss it!

But my human companions warn me against eating flowers!
It might be poison for animals like me.

My younger brother Sweepy loves to smell it too!
He's pretty playful so I have to warn him against grabbing any of it.

When the buds would all open its petals to reveal the flowers
you can almost hear a full orchestra of wild, singing flowers!
You do not have to hear its music.
You just watch it bloom beautifully and almost hear and smell it!

I am sharing this flower with other flower lovers around the world where you can also watch other beautiful flowers there. Just click on the flower below: