Sunday, April 19, 2009

Translating Kuting

Are you my Mommy?

I need my Mommy!
I am hungry and I need my Mommy!
Please find my Mommy!

Please. . . find my Mommy!
I am very hungry. And I am very scared.

Kuting is one of the kittens I saw roaming in the streets.
There seems to be a lot of them, looking lost and hungry.
If Lui can only afford to adopt all of them, she would.
But she can't. And I can only translate what they say . . .

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's Flowers!

Happy Easter!
That's what the flower said to me.

This white beautiful flower does not belong in our house Heaven.
It belongs to the house across the house with the pink flowers in my previous post.

And I know it has a specific name in the human world.
But in the animal world, we prefer to know its scent.
This flower has a lot of pee scent which tells me it is a favorite spot for animals to leave their mark on and for other animals like me to know that they've been there. Which is why animal lovers lovingly call it the pee mail.

And here's the flower with the rest of her group.

They said hello to you too.
They're pretty proud to know that I am sharing them with the world. And that I choose her to be the flower for Easter. Ostara will be glad. . .

Quite an unforgettable sight!

Go and check other beautiful flowers here:

Remember this Pink Flower?

This is my flower from the previous post. The beautiful pink flowers that I dedicate for my brother Sweepy and his new girlfriend Cookie. It is so beautiful that Lui went back to check it last Sunday. Lui decided to walk all the way from our house, under the hot day, just to see it again! Also, somebody requested to see the whole picture and so here it is:

It looks like a tree. Or maybe it is a tree!
Lui stood in front of it for sometime and heard its shrill singing.
Yes, flowers do sing.
And yes, animals like us can hear it.
And yes, Lui can hear it too.
So yes, some people can hear the plants singing.
If you listen closely, you might hear it too.

Somebody also gave the name of this flower since somebody also posted it in Today's Flowers. It's just too bad that I can not see ALL the entries there since our computer is slow.

Luis invited me to be a guest for Today's Flowers. So maybe I will be the only animal guest in there. Thank you Luis and I will try to send you some pictures.

And most of all, thank you for allowing a dog to be a part of it. Not too many people would do that since not too many people are aware that animals love plants and plants love animals like me. And sometimes, plants love people too.

And yes, animals love people too!
Most especially people who loves nature . . . and animals.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today's Flowers!

This flower does not belong in our house Heaven. My human companion Lui saw it while watching the parade of palms being sold everywhere in our subdivision because of Palm Sunday.

Again, I don't know the name of this flower but I like the deep pink shade because it reminds me of Sweepy's new girlfriend Cookie. My little brother Sweepy finally found a mate who is a small, black and cute dog named Cookie. This flower may be the perfect accessory for Cookie because of her all black furs like mine! Sweepy and Cookie may be the first success love story at ScoobyDoo's LukinFurLove!

Since Cookie is Sweepy's first dog girlfriend (Sweepy has 7 pretty human girlfriends!), Sweepy does not know what to do "in a relationship". I told him to share a cup of yogurt with her and bark about the drooly weather! I really would not know since I never had a dog GF!

So this is my gift for Sweepy and Cookie!
I hope they like it because I really do!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Blooming in April!

Remember our orchids from my previous post?
Here it is in full bloom!

And yes, they smell yummy too!!!

I can't have enough of flowers.
They are soooo beautiful
and I love being with them.

And nope,
I don't eat flowers.
Good dogs don't.
I prefer chicken adobo. . .