Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sobra-Sobra! (Too Much!)

Sumo’s August 25 Post
I often hear people say that around me
especially from the younger kids.
Maybe because they often hear it from celebrities on TV
who always say “sobra-sobra” a lot. . .

Here are some examples:
“I am sobra happy about my project!”
“I am sobra happy about my movie!”
“My joy is sobra!"

Whew, it is really sobra with superlatives.


Sometimes, I get irritated every time I hear it
never knowing that someday
I, myself, will also go sobra-sobra too. . .

And here’s my sobra story:
I received another award from Pawlimpics!
The Bronze Award for my Begging Face.
Here, look at it:

Wow, I really looked begging, didn’t I?
Actually, I just had my bath that day
and my body feels sobra-sobra light
and I smell sobra-sobra nice
which made Lui sobra crazy in kissing me.
That made me sobra happy.
Sobra-sobra, isn’t it?

And that’s not all.
When Luchie arrived home from work last Friday
she brought home a gift for us.
No wonder my pups where sobra hyper
waiting for Luchie all day
and in exhaustion, they fell asleep
so I got to have the first taste of the gift!
Ssssh, don’t tell the two pups . . .

And this is the gift: some toys, shampoo and treats!
We were sobra happy that I played with the toy!

Thank you, Lilli!
Lilli is the new girlfriend of Sweepy.
Sweepy has a lot of human girlfriends.
All pretty and nice too!

And my favorite gift from Lilli:
The Black Shampoo which I used right away!
I smelled of carpet.
A newly washed carpet!

And most of all
I went sobra crazy for the Begging Strips
which is the sobra delicious bacon-cheese treat
which is the perfect snacks to have after a bath
and it fits sobra a Begging King like me.
Sobra really.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sumo Won Again!

From Sumo's Post
"Nanalo Ulit AKo"
(I Won Again!)

Gold Medal: At Work

Talk of being lucky!
I'm sure my pups will get envious again.
They were really hoping to win
but I guess they are not so lucky.
Thank you, Pawlimpics!

So maybe you were asking
what kind of work I did to win.
See that photograph?
That's what I did that made me win.
That's what I do together with my hounds family.
We volunteer as community watchdogs.
We help in our barangay (village)
teach and educate residents
most especially children in schools
of the importance of laws like Republic Act8485,
the Anti-Littering Act and the ban
on using Pellet Guns.

Sweepy is the hardworker.
He is the one who loves being with people.
I chose to stay on the background with Bogart.
We do not want to make a fuss.

But Sweepy, geez, he's so OA (over-acting).
He likes the fuss.
He gets happy when people fuss over him.
He's not wanting for attention though.
He is the happy, sociable type
while Bogart and I are the quiet types.

Anyway, the Pawlimpics are still ongoing.
Do go and check the site
and remember, your doggies can also vote
for the Doggy's Choice award.

Again, thank you to the Pawlimpics committee.
I share this award to my pups Sweepy and Bogart
most especially to my late mate Pica.
It feels like I'm giving a speech
so I have to end here
unless I end up crying.

Thank you to Hammer and his family.
You are always in our thoughts . . .

Friday, August 15, 2008

This is Saver

He is a cross-breed dog
who lives at the end of Rainbow Avenue.
He has been passing by for days
together with his human companion
waiting for the free anti-rabies shots
announced to the residents in our place.

My family and I
especially my pup Sweepy
who acts as SuperDog or Community WatchDog
who helps educate and inform people
of the right way of taking care of pets
and of the environment too.

The free anti-rabies shots is just one
of the projects in our barangay (village)
The barangay was able to administer
3,000 shots in our barangay this year!

We just had our free shots this weekend.
And Saver was there.
Together with his human companion.
Saver had his shots without a fuss.
And after taking his shots he left quietly
and walked nicely home with the other dogs.

While the houndsinheaven had a hard time.
That's how they refer to us
since our house's name is Heaven
and we are referred to as 'Hounds'
even if we are actually Mongrels.

We are not used to being with other dogs and people.
That's why when we are taken out of Heaven
it gets too noisy and we get too frisky.
That is the reason the veterinarian
are often called to do house calls in Heaven
for our shots, check-ups and all.
For we can be such a nuisance when taken out.

I hope in time we can be like Saver.
Cool and less frantic.

Sumo's Post "Eto si Saver"
August 14, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Won!

Sumo's Post: Nanalo Ako! (I Won!)
August 12, 2008

Sumo: Gold Medal, Pee-Mail Category
Pawlimpics 2008

I knew it!
I knew the Pinoys will win!
But for barking out loud
for peeing!

There, look at that picture!
That's the winning shot.
Of all my great skills and move
I have to win in that category.
Geez, santabarbara!
It's pretty embarassing
but that's exactly where
my whole family are good at.
My pups Sweepy and Bogart
are quite good in marking their surroundings.
Hey, what do you think are we peeing for anyway?
We don't always pee to relieve ourself.
Most of the time, we pee to mark our territory.
That is why when I wake up
and check my surroundings
and I do not smell my mark anywhere
probably because my two pups marked them over
I feel lost even in my own house!
That is why our peeing is both important and profound.

Now because of that,
Luchie will finally discover
that it is I who pees in her plants!
Geez, I think I'm done this time!

Thanks to the Pawlimpics
and my good friend Lenny Latshaw
who is hosting this year's Pawlimpics.
Long Live the Pawlimpics!
Long Live the Pinoys!

Note: Pinoy is street lingo for Filipinos.

Monday, August 11, 2008

To Those Who Wrote To Me:

Sa Mga Sumulat Sa Akin
Sumo's August 10 Post

A lot of people wrote and emailed me
calling attention to the use of the word

They said this is wrong.
It should be "kagila-gilalas."
So I asked my friend Lui
who instead asked her friend Tony.
Tony confirmed the right word
which is 'kagila-gilalas!'

So there, I have to correct
all the kagila-gilalas word here.

Thanks to all those who called my attention.
I did not know that there are people
who read my stories
even if I am a dog
black and nasty-looking
but truly loving.

So thanks to all those who wrote me
for Nonoy, Ige, Marge and Tukmol
and most especially for Mr. Tony Perez
who advised Lui on the proper word.

My world is really kagila-gilalas.
And I am always in awe.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey, I'm in the Pawlimpics!

There! That's me!
I am with my two pups, Sweepy and Bogart
and we represent the Philippines!
Proudly Pinoy Dogs, right?
Check out the YouTube link
I posted on the right
so you can really enjoy it too.
Go to the link and site.
We are part of the competition.
And I hope we win.
So we can all be proud!

Wait, I better bark it out to my "dear neighbor"
in case she might want to join too
and why not?

Geez, she's noisy again!
She seems to be barking at me.
Oh, Luchi is coming.
Luchi lives with us.
And she's right!
Luchi is here!

You are really smart, neighbor!
I'll go and tell Luchi the good news!

Sumo's August 5 Post
"Aba, nasa Pawlimpics din ako!"