Saturday, January 24, 2009

Exchange Gifts!

Remember the presents we got during my birthday?
It is our Christmas gifts from the GreenwoodsClinic.
I got a red scarf and my brother Sweepy got a towel.
The red pillow is for our Popsy Sumo.

Now this is what happens when we exchange our gifts!

Sweepy gets the scarf and I get the towel!

I looked really funny in Sweepy's towel . . .

. . . but Sweepy looked really cool in my bandanna . . .

Exchanging gifts is really fun!
And Sweepy enjoys trying them all!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My 8th Birthday!

As you all probably know by now, I just turned 8 last January 15. It coincided with my Popsy Sumo's 9th birthday. It was quite fun and there were so many treats but look at my brother Sweepy:

Sweepy looks like he wants to grab everything for himself. It is Sweepy's way of trying to grab the attention to himself. I told him he need not do that. There's a lot of stuff for everyone. But Sweepy loves the excitement of jumping around needlessly.

Lui gave me this squeaker toy frog so I will not run after Mr. Frogsky. But I told her it does not smell and move like Mr. Frogsky at all. It is not as exciting and as challenging.

And my friend from GreenwoodsClinic gave me this:

. . . a red bandanna and an organic soap which Lui adores. Lui loves organic stuff especially those produced by the local market. Thank you Happy, Dr. Geoff, Moy, Trudis and Jappy. . .

Ooops, there goes Sweepy again!
Sweepy grabbed my new scarf and soap and Sumo's red pillow gift . . .

And there he goes. Sweepy loves that kind of attention.
And to be honest I don't mind.
Because I love him for what he is.

Thank you Aki, Happy, TeamGreenwoods, Lorenza, Asta and all those who came to greet us. And thank you Lui and Luchie . . . for making sure we get these treats anytime of the year!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Fun Holiday!

The Christmas and New Year's eve party was such great fun. We had plenty of guests and I went around sniffing where they came from. I'm kindda confused why they always ran away when I come near them. I also wondered why my Popsy Sumo and my brother Sweepy were hiding in their house when the party and the fireworks were no big deal. I like going around watching people and the noisy colorful sceneries during the holidays.

And since the nights and days were cold I enjoyed catching up on sleep!

But not for long. I have to keep watch over Sweepy in case he gets frantic again.

Sweepy is like an excited kid the day after the new year's eve celebration. Sweepy felt like he survived the fireworks again. In the olden times, Lui would huddle all of us in a room with soft lights and music and we would cuddle together unmindful and unafraid of the noise. There was a time when they were 8 of us dogs huddled with Lui because that year my Mumsy Pica gave birth to four puppies! Lui cuddled all of us with her since we were puppies!

But since last year, Luchie tried to wean us from the noise of the firecrackers by allowing us to roam and hide in the comfort of our house if we want to. I don't mind the firecrackers. I hate the smoke though. It made me sneeze all over.

And because I was brave and sociable during the holidays, Luchie and Lui would praise me and tickle me for the effort!

That was quite fun! I wished I can share my videos with you. Maybe someday.

Meantime have a great Christmas! Remember, the twelve days of Christmas will end until January 6. The first day of Christmas was December 26. And today is the feast of the Three Kings. Our friend Lorenza from Mexico is celebrating Reyes Mago where children get their presents. We had more presents than we ever need and Lui and Luchie stayed longer with us because of the long holidays. What more can we ask for?

Have a great and fun 2009!