Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today's Flowers

This is our orchid. I don't know the name. Last week, it started to sprout three long stems that smell something fruitty and nutty. All the bees and the butterflies love that smell too.

I bark at my human companion Lui to check it out. Lui gets excited whenever our plants start to flower. Since it is summer in the Philippines, our plants are all flowering, including our fruit trees.

This week, the orchids start to open and reveal beautiful yellow petals!

I am a flower-lover dog.

And you can find many flowers
and more flower-lovers here.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sweepy's Barkday!

My little brother Sweepy turned 7 last March 18. He was pretty excited because he received a lot of treats. We also had a chat pawty which I hate because it is noisy and I get startled by all the noise ringing from different friends calling and greeting us.

I tried to give my cutest smile but Sweepy told me that the webcam is not working. I wanted to show my smile and sniff at all the other dogs on the screen but they all look jumpy and the PC smell like burning wires which was the reason I peed on it.

Anyway, I enjoyed Sweepy's birthday. We had vanilla yogurt, ice cream and sponge cake. Keeper Lui made our usual chicken adobo and gave to some of the roaming dogs and cats. Keeper also treated Mang Tirso and his helper for some refreshments. Mang Tirso and his helper were helping de-clog the water drainage down Rainbow Avenue. It was a hard, dirty work and Mang Tirso has to work the whole of Rainbow Avenue.

Keeper also treated Emy for refreshments. Emy is the head of our homeowners subdivision. Emy would always peep at us every time she passes by our house and always call my name because she remembers me as the one who refused to have his annual shot at the village. Emy reminded me of our annual shot in August. But that's still a long way from March.

Anyway, Emy thinks it is cool for dogs like us to celebrate our birthdays. For people like them dogs are just animals that do not enjoy events like parties and treats. Now you know why Keeper is having a hard time convincing community leaders like them to consider animal welfare and protection as a main agenda in their work.

We donated a lot for Sweepy's birthday. In lieu of a bigger party, we donated to raise funds for homeless animals, for a loved one who died, for a sick cat, and medications for a sick artist. Keeper can not save because there are so many people, animals and groups needing help. And while we remain comfortable and secure, we need to reach out to those who have less.

Sweepy's birthday is a blast. I hope yours will be as memorable and meaningful . . .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today's Flowers: Brooke!

Actually, I don't really know the real name of this orchid that blooms in our house Heaven. But my brother Sweepy calls it "Brooke" (the human keeper of Opy, our doggy friend in Australia) . . . possibly because it resembles a running brook!

Flowers are blooming around our house now because it is summer in the Philippines. There are only two seasons here: wet and dry. The temperature here now hovers between 34 to 36 degrees which is why our human KeeperLui (we love to call and tease her that) has to water the plants twice a day. . . and us, every hour! We take a bath twice a week now instead of once. Dogs have weak lungs which is why we don't take daily baths. Anyway, we smell great and we don't have fleas.

Sweepy believes the flowers is our late MumsyPica coming to visit us. My MumsyPica died last year in March. Since the flowers are so beautiful I guess it is indeed our Mumsy!

Go check the other beautiful flowers here:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Waiting in February . . .

February was such a busy month. We had lots of activities. But since our computer got broken we were not able to update most of our stories. I'm sure most of you were able to read my brother Sweepy's stories about us anyway.

My main task last month was to wait for MrFixItGuy to repair our PC. Waiting can be a boring thing but not when you have your little brother to wait with you.

Sweepy loves to stay with me. So we wait together. It makes waiting fun.

We love to watch the passers-by down RainbowAvenue.

And the people would pause when they see us as they pass. When people call us, Sweepy barks out a warning which can trigger a whole line of dogs down RainbowAvenue to bark as well. And when one of the dogs bark down the street, all of the other dogs including us will bark us well! It can get pretty noisy. It's a good thing our homeowners group does not regulate noisy barking dogs like in most private subdivisions.

We can spend all day just watching the scene down the street!

And of course the long wait is rewarded when we see Lui or Luchie at the gate!

. . . and the waiting is over.