Sunday, December 27, 2009

Today's Flowers!

This is a beautiful scene in the mall near our house. The flowers there were blooming since September.

It has yellow and orange petals. They looked like Periwinkles.

When you sniff closer you will see some admirers . . .

When you go nearer, the petals sing of happy and sad events.

In another part of the mall another beautiful scene can be seen.

Mothers and children lining up back to the bus that will take them back to the relocation area where they are living temporarily. They just had a wonderful time at the mall, receiving their donations from our local government. These people lost their homes and possessions in the flood last September. Until now, their place is flooded and they needed time to restore what they lost which is why they are still getting help from everybody.

These happy scene makes Christmas more meaningful for me and my family. All the cards and happy wishes we got more than made up for the calamities our country is going through. Even if we're just animals, we are glad to be doing our part, in helping people and animals in need.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Look What We Got In The Mail!

I received this from our Postman this week. Usually, it is my little brother Sweepy who receives our mails but he is nowhere near the gate when the delivery guy arrived. When Sweepy finally arrived, he immediately got the card and read it. It says:

"Happiness is having a friend like you. . .
There are certain things that only friends know . . .
certain feelings that only friends share . . .
and I'm so glad to be sharing them with you . . .
Merry Christmas!"
from Moymoy, Trudis, Jappy, Bambi, Scarlet, Woody
of the Greenwoods Clinic of Dr. Geoff and Happy

The Greenwoods Team are really our friends. They know exactly what we wanted! They sent us treats which Lui does not buy us anymore! Lui decided to simplify our needs by buying only essentials like our chicken kibbles and chew bones that cleans our teeth. Lui does not buy us bacon treats anymore. She wanted to save and use the money instead to help other animals in need the way the Greenwoods team does.

My brother Sweepy enjoyed the treats as much as I did:

. . . after all it was our favorite liver treat!

Our Popsy Sumo enjoyed it and posted about it on his blog too!

Thank you very much Greenwoods Team. I hope you got our cards in the mail too. Sweepy designed it and Sweepy made a very special story for everybody this Christmas. It is our special gift to everybody! Do check it out because there is a special contest too. To all our friends who sent us wonderful cards and greetings with cool pictures, thank you very much! Sweepy will acknowledge all senders in his post soon!

Merry Christmas, friends and may you be surrounded only by love, good health, and yummy treats!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Todays Flowers!

My flowers today can be found in a wild area along a street that leads to the wet market. This is where the most beautiful flowers can be seen. My human companion Lui enjoy watching the flowers along this road because they thrive even if nobody seem to be caring for them!

These flowers are like angels, trumpeting the joyous season!

They sing of joy, of hope, of love . . . for everybody!
For people, animals, nature and the earth!

And these flowers rise above the noisy din of traffic, pollution and bare their beauty for everybody's enjoyment! Since I do not know the name of these flowers, I will call them The Strong because they are beautiful survivors.

And for this Holiday season, let me present to you our holiday picture card.

With this card, we wish you more flowers and nature's beauty! And I most especially like to give this to Grace, who is busy caring for her sick loved one. If I can only be with you Grace to lick your face and warm you with my big, black, furry self, I would!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Photo Shoot!

Last month, we were busy having our pictures taken for our holiday cards. We're sending more than a hundred cards again this year to all our friends around the world. If we have your address, expect to be included in our mailing list.

And this is my little brother Sweepy. He loves posing for the cameras.

When Sweepy sees somebody carrying a camera, he starts jumping back and forth. Sweepy can do several poses and he will not stop. So when it was my turn to pose, there goes Sweepy:

Sweepy will sit or stand beside me that it was totally impossible to have my picture taken without including Sweepy by my side!

Sweepy will do anything to be part of any activity, even to grab the bonnet I was wearing!

Of course, in the end, Sweepy will get tired or might go someplace, and I will be alone . . .

. . . and I can finally have my picture taken. Even if in a hurry. We received 20 cards already. Please wait for ours in the mail! Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's Flowers

My human companion Lui found this flower while watering our plants one afternoon. It was hidden underneath the leaves of one of our plants whose name we do not know. People will not notice this flower unless you are like Lui who can spot anything unusual even if it is hidden among the leaves.

Lui thinks it is a flower. I went to check but I am not sure. It looks like one but it has no scent and it does not sing.

For three days we watched the round flower waiting for more surprises. Lui thought the thin spikes might unfurl colorful petals or transform into something like our Hoya flower, but it did not. It simply changed its round shape!

Like a spider falling on Lui's hand. Or thin petals drooping to fade. Lui still thinks it is beautiful even if no dramatic changes happened. I am still wondering if this hidden surprise is a flower or not.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Today's Flowers

. . . are happy holiday flowers that greet the busy people and dogs passing by the main street of our subdivision. My human companion Luchie told me they are called Zinnias. My other human companion Lui was not sure but told me she will ask our friends at TodaysFlowers community. Flower lovers around the world exchange flower stories there every week and I think I am the only flower dog in the group!

The Zinnias, if indeed these flowers are called by that name, are very beautiful and the caretaker wrapped the area in barbed wire probably to keep trespassers from picking or destroying the flowers. No wonder there are no pee mails in any of these flowers. However, the kind owner of these flowers allowed us to go near.

These flowers come in all velvety colors and they have a subtle strong pungent smell that hint of musk and herbs. Scents that humans don't really like. I like it though. Dogs have different preferences than humans when it comes to scents.

My human companion Lui was told that these flowers remain blooming for a week. That means the owners can enjoy it for a week. I wonder if we can grow them in our house Heaven? Luchie shook her head. That means she will not plant them. Luchie is the planter in Heaven.

Flower lovers will love staying at that garden but one must not overstay his welcome. Lui thanked the owner because Luchie is already waiting for us by the curb!

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