Sunday, October 25, 2009

Today's Flowers!

. . . are found in the garden of Baby!
It is orange in color and I really do not know its name!

They are so pretty and they sing so well!
But look at another orange discovery in Baby's garden:

Now I wonder if these orange flowers are related to the orange flowers above? They appear like they come from the same plant but really it is not. The second orange flowers remain long and folded while the first group of orange flowers unfold their happy orange colors! But maybe I am wrong. These flowers are not in our garden so I have no way of knowing.

But it does not matter. They both look beautiful and happy, just like me and my little brother Sweepy. We are happy because the super typhoon Ramil (Lupit) did not pass by our country and we have sunny days again! And I am happy because this is my 100th post!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today's Flower!

. . . is one of the orchids we have in our house Heaven.
I do not know its real name but we call it Adi.
Adi is our friend in India who owns a dog named Rufus.
Sometimes, we name our flowers after our friends names.

Adi came out like small yellowish nails . . .

. . . and starts filling out. Adi came out during the Storm Ondoy last September. You can still see the clothes of Sweepy's human girlfriends hanging out to dry. Sweepy's GFs house got submerged during Storm Ondoy's floods. We helped clean their clothes for them. Our job was to watch all the clothes as they dry.

Adi blooms all month! This week, Adi turned green and round like a globe!

Adi's small but full petals are so round and they drop to the ground!

So now my job is to make sure that nobody touches Adi.
There are so many flowers blooming at TodaysFlowers.
I hope I can watch over them as well . . .

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today's Flowers!

My flowers today are called Periwinkle.
I learned that from my friends at Today'sFlowers.
I learn a lot of flower names from flower lovers there.

These cute Periwinkle flowers belong to our neighbor.
They have Periwinkle in all colors blooming all the time!
I am showing their yellow and purple flowers here.
I featured their white Periwinkles before.

And this is another Bandera Espanola flower
that our laundrywoman Flor gave us today.

Flor said it fell from their neighbor's plant
and she decided to give it to us
because Flor knows we love flowers!

My brother Sweepy love flowers
or anything that can be worn or toyed with
because it meant his pictures will be taken.
Sweepy loves to pose in front of the camera.
But not me, because I am shy.
I also do not photograph well
although Lui said I really looked cute.
But I don't think so.
I am big, black and have the same expression.
I am not cute because cute is small and pretty.
I am not small nor pretty.
Lui has bad eyesight.

Today, we have sunny weather
after a very stormy and rainy week
that is why Flor went to do our laundry today.
And since the weather is fine
I may as well enjoy my lazy day with Sweepy . . .

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today's Flower!

The wild flower came out again.
This flower only comes out after the rain.

Today, the super typhoon Pepeng (Parma) is leaving my country without passing by our house Heaven. My human companion Lui was so happy. Lui prayed all week! We just had storm Ondoy last Saturday and this Saturday, it was Pepeng. Well, both storms did not touch our place although it rained and flooded some parts of my country.

When this wild flower came out and sang . . . I heard it right away!

Maybe the flower wants to tell me some good news.
Maybe it wanted to wish us well.
So I checked to see what it wanted to say.

The flower said it was happy that we are safe. The flower is happy to see us safe because I think the flower wanted us to care for it. My human companions love taking care of plants. So if we are all safe in Heaven, the plant is also safe and protected. Maybe, the flower also prayed with Lui?

When I looked up at the skies, the sun is shining and peeking from behind rain clouds. My little brother Sweepy is happy. It means we can play and maybe have our bath? Lui would always give us a bath every Thursday but since it was rainy, she told us maybe after the storm. Since the storm is leaving today maybe we can have a bath today?

Lui hugged the flower in thanks. Lui told me we can have our bath today. Lui bought a new herbal soap with tea tree oil for us. It will be good for my dry skin!

Now, my brother Sweepy wants to do yoga . . .

But Lui said we will do yoga tomorrow! Today, we will have our bath. Sweepy will watch the flower and the skies . . . .

Sweepy must alert Lui in case it rains and we have to postpone our bath!
But the flower told us it will not rain.
So when it was my Popsy Sumo's turn to go out . . .

Popsy said it will not rain.
Popsy said it is time for our bath.
Popsy is an alpha dog.
Alpha dogs are leaders.
Sadly, Popsy and I can not be together.
When Popsy is out, I have to stay in my kennel or else we will fight.

But our beautiful flower said that in time, I can play with my Popsy Sumo again. Maybe, we will learn to play again and not fight. Our beautiful flower remain hopeful and happy wishing all the best for us . . . all the while watching the skies hoping for more sun so we can take our bath!

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